Secrets of staying sharp in later life

How do you stay sharp in later life?

That was the title that CCACE Director Ian Deary addressed in an afternoon session on 7th June 2017 at the Royal Society in London.

Photo: The audience gather's for Ian's talk.

Over 250 U3A members attended the talk and discussion session organised by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB). There was a long waiting list for tickets. "It was a busy and stimulating afternoon", said ian, "I gave almost an hour's talk, with much reference to the Lothian Birth Cohorts' findings. Then we all had a quick cup of tea and we were back for an hour of excellent questions. I should have taken notes during the questions, because there were lots of good ideas for more research, some of which I have failed to retain!" The well-known neuroscience blogger Mo Constandi wrote a piece on Ian's talk, and Mo said on his Twitter feed, "Great talk by Ian Deary - one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers I've ever heard".

A short (22 minute) version of Ian's talk can be found here.




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 U3A talk to sell-out audience!

Hosted by The Dana Foundation, Ian Deary gave a talk to over 250 members of the University of the Third Age on the secrets of staying sharp in later life

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