What we do

The goal of researchers at the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology is to understand more about the changes in our brains that accompany age-related mental decline.

The brain is one of the most complicated organs of the body, so the Centre's scientists are developing new methods to look at the brain and test how well it is working. They also want to study whether our cognitive abilities early in life can affect how well we think later in life. Finally, they are studying whether the way our brains age is affected by our lifestyle as well as genetic, social, economic and psychological aspects of our lives. Some of this research is being funded by·Age UK’s Disconnected Mind project.

If researchers can identify habits and lifestyles that affect the way our brains age, it may be possible to prevent some of the cognitive decline that affects us as we get older.

As well as conducting research, we provide various training opportunities for students and researchers, useful resources and software, and various seminars and events to engage the public with our research and the important issues surrounding cognitive ageing and cognitive epidemiology.