A major focus of CCACE is in developing knowledge in the new disciplines of cognitive ageing and cognitive epidemiology. Through this endeavour, CCACE generates innovation with the potential to become products with societal and commercial value. We have a responsibility to our funders and other stakeholders to seek opportunities to exploit this new knowledge, for example through commercialisation or by offering relevant open source software. This will develop the reputation of CCACE as a leader in the field of cognitive ageing.

CCACE spans many disciplines from basic research to the clinical sciences which facilitate the translation of research output into products and services. We are open to discussing potential collaboration with commercial partners in such translational activity, whether through direct collaboration, third party funding, or on a consultancy basis. CCACE is supported in this by Edinburgh Research and Innovation ( To discuss this further, please contact the CCACE Knowledge Exchange Officer, Dr Iona Beange (  or 0131 650 8292).

CCACE core infrastructure is supported by funding from the cross-council Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Initiative ( and a wide variety of research grant funding. While CCACE does not seek direct sponsorship or charitable donation, there is the opportunity to support individual research projects with a relevance to ageing and changes in thinking ability with age.

Current ventures

CCACE researchers are actively involved in spin out ventures, developing products for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and open source software to support neuroimaging and cognitive testing.