Press releases

£1m Gene Study to Investigate Secrets of Successful Ageing (University of Edinburgh, 15 Jan 2015)

Speaking a Second Language May Delay Dementia (University of Edinburgh, 6 Nov 2013)

Exercise the Body to Keep the Brain Healthy (University of Edinburgh, 22 October 2012)

Still Life Dreaming, a topical play about the Lothina Birth Cohort 1936 (Wellcome Trust Press Release, 4 July 2011)

IQ and Attempted Sucide (Wellcome Trust Press Release, 4 June 2010).

Art Exhibition Puts Ageing in a Positive Light (University of Edinburgh, 22 April 2010).

Study pinpoints genes that keep watch on time blood takes to clot (University of Edinburgh, 18 March 2010).

IQ Among Strongest Predictors of Heart Disease (ESC, 10 February 2010).

Faces Hold the Clue to Mental Health (University of Edinburgh, 12 Aug 2009)


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