Short Stories of Research by Ann Lingard

Helen LambThe story behind the Lothian Birth Cohorts has always attracted a lot of interest.  CCACE recently launched a project which seeks to capture the story behind the data. LBC Lifetimes: Lifetimes of the Lothian Birth Cohorts 1921 & 1936 tells the story of the individuals involved in the research. 

LBC Lifetimes is a series of short stories, by author and broadcaster Ann Lingard, of some of the research participants and scientists involved in the Lothian Birth Cohort studies. 

From the Professor with an interest in punk and poetry to the research participant who was brought up in a lighthouse.  This project brings to life the character, history and above all life stories of those involved in Lothian Birth Cohorts.  The stories also tell about their relationship to the research, their experience of being part of a large study of ageing.   

Ann Lingard (pictured left) said ““I’m so grateful to have had the chance to meet the LBC participants, it’s been a delight for me. I had never met any of them before – but they invited me into their homes and were happy to talk about themselves, and to hunt out photos of their childhood. We had some wonderful conversations, sometimes very moving, and everyone welcomed me with so much kindness. There was a lot of laughter, too! I feel it’s been a great privilege to have met them – and I hope the ‘stories’ of their Lifetimes help to show them as people, in addition to all their cognitive and scientific data.

Ann Lingard lives in a rural idyll in the Lake District and is a former scientist and author of fiction and non-fiction novels.  These fascinating stories can now be viewed at