Brain Maze Amazes

Last week CCACE flung open its doors to the public in the second outing of our popular Brain Maze event.  CCACE joined forces with the Centre for Regeneritive Medicine to put on the interactive open day event as part of the Medical Research Council's Festival of Medical Research.  

The sell out event led people through the maze of corridors and rooms in the basement of the Department of Psychology, where CCACE is based.  In each of the 11 rooms, the had 10 minutes to experience a different aspect of the ageing brain and body.  Popular activities included a supermarket sweep game, shopping for the lifestyle factors which affect how our brain ages (like smoking) while busting a few myths (like the lack of effect of brain training).  The Maze finished with a cafe where participants got the chance to speak with scientists and reflect on their experience of the Maze.  One of the main comments was that, having spent 2 hours in the maze chatting to scientists, people would have liked more time in each room.  A great endosement of the time and effort invested by CCACE and CRM staff and students.  

Key to the event was the army of CCACE , CRM and other scientists who took the time out from their research to develop activities and help run the Brain Maze.  A huge thank you to everyone involved.  

You can see a snapshot of the event in a short video produced by the MRC

MRC Festival Brain Maze