Mr Scott meets his brain

From 8 July 2016, the National Museum of Scotland have unveiled a new exhibit, John Scott's brain. 

LBC1936 participant, Mr John Scott saw his brain for the first time in January this year at the National Museum of Scotland's Collections Care Centre.  STV and the LBC team were there to witness Mr Scott seeing a 3D print of his living brain, taken from MRI data captured as part of the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (LBC1936) study.  The 3D print will go on display in the museum from 8 July 2016, along with a stunning representation of Mr Scott's white matter (tractography) etched in crystal glass.  When asked how he felt about having his brain on display in the National Museum, Mr Scott said "It's great, I told my grandchildren, when I'm not here, you can go and see my brain!"

Mr Scott meets his brain

You can hear Mr Scott talking about his experience on STV News (from 15:30) at

Dr Simon Cox, MRC Imaging Fellow on the LBC1936 study, said "I am used to looking at brain images on the computer day-to-day, but seeing a real model of the brain’s white matter connections in glass and the outer surface of the brain like this is a unique experience – they are incredibly striking objects". 

The brain imaging in LBC1936 is overseen by CCACE Group Leaders Professor Joanna Wardlaw and Dr Mark Bastin of Edinburgh Imaging and suported by funding from Age UK and the MRC.  The 3D models of the brain surface and white matter were developed by Dr Mark Bastin and Dave Liewald in collaboration with Sophie Goggins, Assistant Curator of Biomedicine at the National Museum of Scotland and the Edinburgh College of Art (3D printed model).  

You can learn more about the exhibit and Mr Scott in an NMS blog by Sophie Goggins