Penicuik U3A discuss healthy ageing

Penicuik U3A discuss healthy cognitive ageing

"It's always a good sign when they have to put out extra chairs," said Ian Deary, after his talk on 16th February to Penicuik's branch of the University of the Third Age. "They said they usually get 30-50 people, but I lost count after 60. It's great to see such enthusiasm for hearing about healthy cognitive ageing and the Lothian Birth Cohorts' contribution to that. I encouraged people in the audience to ask any questions as we went along, and they were good at that. However, there were lots more excellent questions and discussions at the end of the talk. They wanted to know the evidence about many things, including genetics, dementia, physical exercise, smoking, sleep and cognitive engagement. I was especially pleased, when I was having my tea and custard cream afterwards, when an audience member congratulated my team on demonstrating reverse causation for some potential factors in cognitive ageing!" We note that Ian cycled to and from Penicuik to give the talk, which we hope contributed a little towards keeping him sharp.


Penicuik's U3A members gather to hear about and discuss healthy ageing.

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