CCACE and MRC Festival of Medical Research 2017

CCACE collaborates with Leith Labs to celebrate the 2017 MRC Festival of Medical Research

On Saturday 17th June, as part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research, visitors were able to explore the secrets in their brains with hands-on activities, talks and informal discussion.

Photo: Michelle Luciano giving her talk on diet and cognitive function.

Over 100 visitors joined CCACE members at "The Living Memory Association" in Ocean Terminal for tea, coffee and a chat about keeping our brains healthy as we get older. Each hour started with a short presentation from a researcher, then we opened to the floor for questions and discussion. 

12 noon - Alan Gow - The Ageing Lab: Can taking up new activities improve the health and wellbeing of older adults? 
1pm - Michelle Luciano - Can diet affect your brain health? 
2pm - Stuart Ritchie - The ageing brain
3pm - Thomas Bak - Can speaking multiple languages keep you sharp?

The day was enjoyed by all and the talks started off some great discussion on how to stay sharp in older age!


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