10th annual Research Day

The umbrella of 'Resilience' proved attractive, as it pulled in another sell-out audience for CCACE's 10th annual Research Day. It also proved effective, as it nicely covered the cognitive and mood-related work of CCACE and its planned evolution.

Our new Director, Andrew McIntosh, gave the opening keynote on his team's internationally-influential work on causes and consequences of depression. And James Boardman closed the meeting with a compelling set of discoveries about resilience in the brains and development of pre-term infants. In between, there were high quality talks from all the CCACE groups, again with resilience in mind, and addressing both cognitive functions and mood. So, along the way, the afternoon's speakers told us about, for example: neuroticism's Janus-faced association with death; how early life cognitive and social factors influence our brain's state in older age; and new genetic findings on cognition, dementia, and neuroticism. All in all, the CCACE message was: stay sharp and stay cool; it might just help to prolong your life. We all wish Andrew well in prolonging the life of our almost-decade-old Centre.


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