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Introduction to meta-analysis

Download the slides from Mike's contribution to the Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis short course.


Berlin Summer School - August 2016

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Longitudinal Data Analysis - A One Day Course

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R Package for Simulating the Bonds Model of Intelligence

To install download the package, set the R working directory to the folder containing bonds.zip, and run R command: install.packages("bonds.zip",repos=NULL)

Install R Package


The Joy of Centering

What is centering and how does it affect interpretation in regression models with power or cross-product terms (continuous interactions)?  This document details some graphical methods for probing interactions and some guidelines for centering.

The Joy of Centering


Introduction to R Package

Introduction to R ggplot2

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Supplementary materials for the paper: 

Allerhand, Watson, Deary (2018). Scalability and Item Bias by Intelligence in the Eysenck Neuroticism Scale.