Generation Scotland

 Generation Scotland is creating major collections of biological samples, physical measurements, medical history and lifestyle information from thousands of volunteers across Scotland. Over 25,000 participants have been recruited so far. There are three main resources, a family-based collection called the Scottish Family Health Study, a population-based collection called Genetic Health in the 21st Century, and a control collection called the Donor DNA Databank.

Together these are designed to facilitate investigations into the aetiology of a wide range of common complex diseases. Researchers who are interested in using Generation Scotland samples and data can find out more by visiting the Access page of the Generation Scotland website.

Samples from the Generation Scotland Scottish Family Health Study have been used by members of the CCACE Cognitive Epidemiology team to investigate the link between cognitive function and heart disease. The results of the project were published in the scientific journal 'Intelligence'.

Generation Scotland is mainly funded by the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government.