CCACE Pilot Study and KE Funding



The Centre has resources for pilot research studies in brain imaging and/or genetics. In addition the Centre has funds available to support knowledge exchange and public engagement activity. 

These funds are available to CCACE MEMBERS ONLY to support the development of new methods and to develop novel pilot findings with the proposal that the work will lead to applications for larger research grants to expand on the pilot findings. The pilot studies should be relevant to some aspect of cognition and ageing and will hopefully encourage new collaborations between CCACE members who have not previously worked together. Funds cannot be used to support salary costs.

Applications from less established researchers and for projects that cross CCACE research groups are particularly encouraged.  Applications are open all year round. However, funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis for approved applications.  Please see below for examples of successful projects.

Example Application 1 Example_application_2.pdf


CCACE Pilot Funding: Sarcopenia

 Pilot Project on Sarcopenia, Dr Alixe Kilgour


Application process

Please contact Kate McAllister ( if you have any queries regarding the application process or what projects you can apply for. Please contact Denise Munro for the application form and also send the completed form to her (  Applications will then be examined by members of the CCACE Executive Committee or their deputies and final approval will be given by Professor Andrew McIntish as Centre Director.

Once you have completed your project a final report is due within 3 months from the end of the project. Denise will notify you when this is due and send you the relevant form.

Enquiries regarding use of CCACE knowledge exchange funds should be directed to Dr Kate McAllister (CCACE Knowledge Exchange Officer), or telephone 0131 650 3368. 

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