Cognitive Ageing: Human Cognitive Neuroscience

This group is led by Professor Robert Logie.

The group uses experimental studies to examine human cognition in the healthy and the damaged ageing brain.



Human Cognitive Ageing Group

Current and planned work in this group involves a programme of research on healthy and pathological ageing, developing dual task paradigms for use in laboratory and clinical settings, and developing virtual multitasking environments for use in a laboratory setting. Research will include the development of theoretical models of healthy and impaired cognition. It will exploit these models to:

(a) explain patterns of impairment with age and linked with brain pathology.

(b) to undertake collaborative work with the individual differences subgroup focused on understanding the differential trajectories with age of different cognitive functions.

(c) to develop non-invasive, cognitive diagnostic aids to examine the impact of stroke or the onset of dementias and to monitor the progression of brain diseases or the impact of therapeutic interventions.