CCACE produces its own software that is available for download.  All software is free to download, though donations are much appreciated.   

Software currently available:

- Deary-Liewald Reaction Time Task

- Software and R scripts by Dr Mike Allerhand

- Tiny Handbook of R support scripts

- Liewald-Cox Heatmapper Tool


Deary-Liewald Reaction Time task:

Easy-to-use, computerised reaction time task measuring simple and 4-choice reaction times.   The task has been validated against other similar reaction time tasks and these results and more details about the task can by found in this paper by Deary, Liewald and Nissan (2011). Click here to download the software.


Software and R scripts by Dr Mike Allerhand:

Please visit Mike Allerhand's Software page for scripts relating to his courses and publications. 

Scripts for the statistical programme R


Tiny Handbook of R support scripts:

A Series of R Scripts supporting the publication "A Tiny Handbook of R" by Mike Allerhand


Liewald-Cox Heatmapper Tool:

This is a GUI-driven visualisation tool that plots the magnitudes of associations onto the parcellated cortical surface, or onto white matter tracts (it uses various atlases and only requires a single.csv file of values from the user). It includes options to display on the outer, inner or inflated cortical surface, and to alter cortical qualities when heatmapping onto white matter tracts. It is currently in beta test. Please contact Dave Liewald ( for a test copy.